Routine Tire Maintenance

Posted By on Jul 15, 2019 |

Individuals who drive owe it themselves, their passengers, and their fellow motorists to keep an eye out for their tires. These essential parts of an automobile make motion possible and require routine maintenance to keep an automobile running smoothly and safely. By following just a few simple procedures, individuals can help ensure that their tires will continue to transport them safely for thousands of miles to come.

Tires are hollow and covered with tread. These two facts are important because the hollowness of a tire means that it needs to be inflated with air, and the tread is what gives drivers traction when on the road.

As such, tire pressure and tread wear are important details to look out for. These are both easily testable with a simple tire gauge and a penny.

Tire gauges are inexpensive and available at most auto part stores. These gauges measure the amount of air in a tire in pounds per square inch (PSI). Many vehicles require tire pressure to be between 30 and 36 PSI, though information about a specific automobile should be available in its owner’s manual.

The general rule of thumb for tread wear is as follows:

When a penny is stuck in the groove of the tire tread, Abraham Lincoln’s head first, the tread should cover Abe’s head

If tread does not cover his head, it likely means that it is time for new tires

In addition to these techniques, individuals should have their tires rotated and balanced every 6000 miles. Many auto repair shops as well as car dealerships provide this service.